Sobre Nosotros


About Us

We are a company of maritime transportation with the purpose of unity the isolated regions of the south of Chile. We are located at the gateway of the Austral Highway, connecting the stretch of Caleta La Arena in the north and Caleta Puelche in the south. Our company has a wide trajectory in the maritime sector; our founders, experienced seamen, are knowledgeable of southern Chile's geography, seas, fjords and estuaries. We transport people, vehicles and cargo 365 days a year, understanding that the safety of our passengers is our greatest concern. We hope that this first stretch of the Austral Highway becomes a pleasant pause in our passengers trips.


We are a company that aims to connect the isolated zones of the Lakes Region by sea, allowing our clients safe and trustworthy transportation to the distant locations of Chilean Patagonia.

  • Schedule


    Our company makes daily trips in 30-minute intervals during the day and every hour and a half from midnight to 6:00am.

  • Information


    If it is your first time in the area, this information can help guide you to plan your trip: in the stretch between Puerto Montt and Caleta la Arena, there is a distance of 46km, and the road is completely paved. The trip in the ferry from Caleta la Arena to Caleta Puelche lasts 30 minutes.